AOC7 Neighborhood Group

Harvest Festival and Resource Fair

Long Beach Advancing Peace Initiative - Block Parties

AOC7 is proud to be collaborating with Habitat for Humanity, Washington Neighborhood Association and Puente Latino LB! We will be working alongside community leaders to bring community resources and activate spaces in neighborhood that have been impacted by violence. #lbadvancingpeace #peaceinourneighborhoods #letsadvancingpeacetogether

Washington Neighborhood Association hosted our 1st Block Party

LB Forward and so many more other community partners provided resources

Collaboration is key!

Free Giveaways

Summer in a Box and Food Pantry was a success! Volunteers also cleaned the MacArthur Park playground!

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors and wonderful volunteers!!

AOC7 stands for Anaheim, Orange, Cherry & 7th St. These four streets represent the borders of our community (2nd, 4th & 6th District). AOC7 is a neighborhood organization founded to improve the overall quality of life within our community.

AOC7 is committed to accomplishing its mission by joining residents and businesses to prevent community deterioration and enhance public safety.

In response to the impacts on our community due to COVID-19, AOC7 hosted drive through food banks, school supply distributions, and holiday give away events. These safe events are thanks to the generous contributions from local businesses, partner organizations, and community members like you!