AOC7 Neighborhood Organization 

AOC7 stands for Anaheim, Orange, Cherry & 7th St. These four streets represent the borders of our community (1st  & 6th District). AOC7 is a neighborhood organization founded to improve the overall quality of life within our community.

AOC7 is committed to accomplishing its mission by joining residents, schools, community partners, and businesses in activating our neighborhood.  AOC7 is committed to advocating for equitable resources, including environmental justice, safety, housing, and health services for both physical and mental health in our community.

Book Drive Time!

Here are our book drop off locations!

2023 Thanksgiving Giveaway

Thank you for joining us! 

2023 Harvest Festival

Thank you to our sponsors, Chase, The Port of Long Beach, and Nourishing Neighbors for an amazing event!

Looking Ahead 2024... 

Art Wrap Boxes along Anaheim Corridor